Coordinated Aging Services for Morgan County is a non-profit agency dedicated to provided non-emergency transportation for county residents 60 years of age and over with the opportunity to fully maintain and enjoy a respectable quality of life.

CASMC provides curb-to-curb (or door-to-door, upon request) transportation; including wheelchair transport, portable oxygen, attendants, and service animals. Information and assistance for senior living is available.

First-come, first-served transportation is provided for daily necessities: medical appointments, grocery shopping, financial, business, social service, nutrition sites, and other life-essential service destinations.


Sheltering our community against domestic violence and sexual assault.

Desert Rose offers emergency and transitional shelter, as well as counseling, support groups, safety planning, crisis intervention, case management, assistance in filing protective orders, and victim advocacy.

Desert Rose Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 1754
Martinsville, IN 46151
Crisis Line: 765-342-ROSE (7673)
Toll Free: 888-342-ROSE (7673)
Business Line: 765-342-1777
Fax: 765-342-7645

Janelle Floyd, LCSW
Hope Counseling Services, LLC
1609 John R Wooden Dr
Martinsville, IN 46151
  • Women's counseling services for women ages 17 and older
  • Premarital and marital counseling
  • Deal with issues like low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, self-injury, eating disorders, grief, spiritual growth, etc.

About Janelle
My name is Janelle Floyd, and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Martinsville. I was raised in church and made Christ my Lord and Savior as a 16-year-old. I was not sure how He would use me, but He opened many doors for me to mentor, counsel, and teach women of all ages.

When I graduated high school I felt led to attend a ministry training school called Master's Commission in Phoenix, Ariz. It was through my training and the opportunities provided at Master's Commission that solidified my heart to minister hope, healing, and restoration to women.

I received a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from Oral Roberts University and a Master's in Social Work from the University of Oklahoma.