At Liberty we believe that the Gospel should be shared with all who are willing to hear. We strive to share Jesus wherever we are; but we cannot go everywhere. Therefore, we believe in supporting missions that are able to share personally where we are not. Listed here are missions we believe are sharing the Gospel of Jesus and proudly support them with our finances, prayers, and other opportunities to help.

Ap Ma Outreach

Jesse and Karie Pryor (Karie is the daughter of our own Richard and Tamara Peck) are the missionaries to the Ap Ma people in the Angoram district of the East Sepik Province in Papua New Guinea. They went to PNG in February of 2004 to supplement a work begun by Jesse's parents, John and Bonita Pryor, who have served the people faithfully in this area for 26 years, working to translate the New Testament to the Ap Ma language.
Though the translation work continues, Jesse and Karie have come to aid in the area of literacy training and church growth. They are currently working on construction projects to give the people a church/literacy center and classroom space. They are also working within the church to strengthen programs that were struggling, such as the women's study group and the Sunday school program.
Read some articles from their Outreach International of Papua New Guinea website  
Something New
There always seems to be something new going on here in Samban.  The month of March had Jesse and crew welding together a water tower.  A few weeks back Digicel erected the structure of our new cell tower.
The boys played in a farewell volleyball tournament put together for Eli as his time in the village wound down.
Six weeks ago PNG announced a new lockdown as the number of Covid cases is on the rise.  So the FODE school and the elementary School are on new ground as well.  They have been organizing homework and meeting with students in very small groups to work out issues with the lessons they are working on at home.
Farmers continue to bring rice in to our mill weekly and it seems as if each day presents a new request or challenge.  We are thankful for the opportunities that present themselves and the way God has brought people and circumstances together to enable us to meet each days challenges.
We received word that Elijah has been accepted into Johnson University in Knoxville, TN.  We are currently in Knoxville, TN USA after traveling back from PNG.  Elijah is acclimating to the USA (getting a job, etc.) and will be attending Johnson University. This is where we (Jesse and Karie) first met and Elijah is looking forward to start the next step in his journey.  The whole community turned out to wish Elijah a final goodbye.  It's difficult to say goodbye to lifelong friends.
Pertussis (WHOOPING COUGH) & Polio
When I took Naleh and Eli to the health department in Indiana to get vaccines many years ago I had no idea why they needed them.  In fact I was reluctant to see my kids jabbed for illnesses that I had never seen.  How time and experiences changes our perspective!  For the past year we have seen a number of patients with pertussis and a few with paralysis from polio.  Children with pertussis coughing until blood fills their eyes, gasping to catch their breath, parents fearful and unable to help.  The cough usually lasts three months.  Children who have paralysis in the legs and sometimes the arms as a result of polio.  At the clinic there is little that can be done for pertussis after the children are diagnosed.  We can watch and treat for secondary illnesses but for many it is just a wait and see.  Three infants have died this year from this largely preventable sickness, likely more that we haven’t heard of yet.  For polio, supportive care and assistance for the parents is all we can do currently, though we are looking for wheelchairs for these children as they grow.  
Our clinic staff are working tirelessly to vaccinate and treat children in the surrounding area.  We are so thankful for their efforts as they try to teach the mothers and fathers how to care for their sick kids.  Please pray for those who have lost children this year and for our staff as they continue to serve. 
After some time in town to pack and ship items for the clinic, store, and schools the family flew to Port Moresby where we were required to have two tests to confirm how negative we are about Covid.  Apparently we were all very negative and they allowed us to board the plane and after more than 30 hours of flying we were greeted by Naleh in Dallas, TX. 
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Central Japan Christian Mission

Tim and Lisa Turner have been ministering in Japan since 1989. They went to Japan in September of 1989 to help with a struggling church in the city of Machida, a suburb of the largest city in Japan, Tokyo. Through the years they have helped lead the church with a handful of leaders and workers. The goal is to have all Japanese leadership including a Japanese minister. Tim teaches and preaches in Japan and continues to lead the church in Machida City.

Central Japan Christian Mission has been ministering in Japan since 1958 when Paul and Kathleen Pratt arrived in Japan to begin their missionary service. The Pratt's founded the Sannobara Church of Christ in Isehara City in 1965. Since then, CJCM has been involved in the start and support of 3 other churches including the Machida Church of Christ where Tim and Lisa are located.

CJCM and the Turners are involved in various ministries in Japan including the following:
1.  Church Planting We believe that the church is the foundation through which God builds His Kingdom and want to plant vibrant and indigenous churches in the Tokyo area.
2.  Leadership Training We believe that it is important to have Japanese leaders in the church and want to train and equip young people in the churches to become the next leaders of the Japanese church.
3.  Bible Studies We want to establish small group Bible studies to help the Japanese grow in their faith and to make the Bible the foundation of their lives so that they can be contagious Christians in their own land.
4.  Family Ministry We are focusing on reaching out to young families of Japan as many of them are struggling with marriage, parenting, and child rearing.
5.  Children’s Ministry We want to reach out to children who will grow up in the church and who can be a part of the next generation of Christian leaders in Japan.
6.  Camp Ministry We are involved with and support the Shinshu Bible Camp, a Christian Church supported Bible camp in Nagano Prefecture.
Latest Newsletter:
Central Japan Christian Mission 
61 Oak Grove Road, Temple, GA 30179
June 9, 2021
Dear Friends,
Summer Greetings! With the coming of June, summer has officially begun and we hope that you are all
doing well. June not only brings the start of summer here in Japan, it also brings the rainy
season. It seems like it started early this year but will probably continue till mid-July. But we
are doing fine and keeping on. We hope to tell you about what has been going on last month. Thanks
for your continued interest in us and the work in Japan.
The Corona Virus Situation in Japan
The “State of Emergency” that was supposed to end on May 31st has been extended again till June
20th. It has lightened up a little bit as department stores and amusement parks are being allowed
to open again.  Eating establishments are still to close by 8 pm and the government is encouraging
people not to be out if possible. The daily numbers seemed to have decreased in Tokyo down to a few
hundred a day. Slowly the elderly are making reservations to receive the vaccine. Many had a hard
time making reservations as the phone lines were overcrowded but we think the kinks are slowly
being straightened out. The summer olympics are still on as scheduled although many Japanese are
reluctant to fully embrace having the olympics with the concern of the virus still on everyone’s
The Machida Church
In May the church had two annual congregational meetings. The first one was on May 9th and just for
the Machida Church. We went over the finances from last year, the budget for this coming year, and
the plans and activities for the new year. As we are having two services, a short meeting was held
after each service. Then on Sunday, May 30th, the March Church joined the Sannobara Church for the
joint congregational meeting. The Machida Church is under the Sannobara religious organization so
we have this joint meeting.  It went well and we were able to fellowship with them after the
meeting. May 9th was also Mother’s Day and the church had a small gift for each mother in attendance as well
as sent gifts to those who couldn’t attend. We are blessed to have a good group of mothers at the
On Tuesday, May 11th, Tim and Travis and a group of young men gathered at the church to eat lunch
together and then spend an hour pulling weeds around the church. It was a good time of talking and
encouraging one another.  We will be this doing again sometime soon as those rascal weeds grow
Izumi Junior College
Our classes at Izumi Junior College are going well although it is hard to get to know the students
as they are only there every other week. Travis was invited to preach at the Izumi Junior College
in June. He went twice, once on May 24th and one time on May 31st.  The chapel service went well.  
We will have a few weeks off in June as the students will be doing practical training at preschools
and kindergartens around the Tokyo area.
The Turner Family
The Turner family is doing well in their respective places. Joshua enjoyed his road trip to the
west coast and arrived back in
Toccoa, GA on May 24th.  He visited a high school friend in Texas, saw the Grand Canyon, visited a
friend in LA, visited 6 national parks along the way, and finished off with a stop-over at his
sister, Katie’s, house in Knoxville. He either stayed with a friend or in his car/tent. On May 29th
he drove up Bloomfield, IN where he will spend his summer at Wildfire Christian Camp for his
Spencer is doing well at Northstar Outdoor Lodge. The cold weather finally ended and Spencer is
into his summer work at Base Camp where he will be in charge of the ropes course. So far customers
have been few but they expect it to pick up as the summer season heats up.
Katie and Joel are doing well in Knoxville. Katie finished her school year on May 26th and is
looking forward to the summer. She will have some tutoring sessions with some students during the
summer but will also have time to relax. Joel decided to not continue his studies at Johnson as it
wasn’t what he thought it was.  He will continue to look into other things.
Sarah is also winding down her school year. She will finish on June 7th although will have lots of
wrap up as principal. She is trying to plan her summer although will have to do some work at the
school as a part of the leadership team.
 Lisa and Tim are doing well. May began with a “Golden Week Holiday” and although most schools and
businesses had 5 straight holidays, Lisa and Tim just had one day.  We went for a long walk along
the nearby river and enjoyed the time together. May 31st was also our wedding anniversary (35 this
year) so we took a mini-vacation and stayed at a nice hotel along Tokyo Bay for two nights.  Tim
had his yearly prostate cancer check-up on May 17th and every thing looks good.  It has been 7
years since the surgery and we are thankful that
the cancer is staying in remission. Lisa will be making a trip to Florida in mid-June to spend a
few weeks with her mother in St. Petersburg.  Please be in prayer for Lisa during this time of
Covid and for Tim as he mans the fort in Japan.
The Kilsons
Travis and Becky Kilson are doing well in their lives and ministries.
Daniel turned 3 months on May 24th and is growing well. He is having a little trouble in one kidney
but the doctor says that it should heal naturally in a few months. Maye had her 3rd birthday on May
29th. She is growing up fast and is an out-going cheerful girl. The Kilsons and Turners went on a
hiking trip on Saturday, May 15th and we enjoyed the beautiful weather.
The Kilsons will be renewing their visa in June so we ask for your prayers that all will go well.
We are again very thankful for your interest in the work here in Japan. We are looking forward to
the summer but still find it difficult to navigate the uncertainties of Covid-19.  We are thankful
for partners like you who pray for us regularly and give to the ministry. Please pray for us this
summer. May you all have a wonderful month and may God richly bless you all.
Partners in Christ,
Tim and Lisa Turner

City Light Ministries

This mission is in Indianapolis.
Our missionary is Rick Hall, who was a youth minister at Liberty from July 1981 to October 1984. 
Contact Rick Hall, Director, at 
December 4, 2020
2020- A Look Back...

1)  When 2020 started for CLM, we were on a deadline to have Miss Debra's house ready for section 8 inspection on the 22nd of January. When the inspector came, everything we had been asked to do inside and outside the house was done.
When the inspection was over, we were given a list of things to fix in the basement and crawl space that wasn't on CLM's original list of “Things to Rehab.” We were given another month to bring the basement up to Section 8 code... everything from electrical, plumbing, new steps, building a new wall, mold removal, insulation, etc.

2)  Following the “Passing the of the Section 8 Inspection” with flying colors at the end of February, I went out to Iowa for
10 days to help out with my 90 year-old Mom and make daily visits with Dad at the nursing home across the pond from “The Home Place” -  My dad had donated the land for this to be built back in 1974.
With the mention of LV, I want to back track a bit.  Back in February, LV (CLM Alum) kept the promise that he had made to his dad when his daddy had come out of prison 5 years before, at the age of 70. When he got out of prison, Mr. King was dying a slow death from kidney failure! It was then that LV made the promise, “that he would be there for his dad, including being there for him when he died.” Most of LV's life, his dad was incarcerated or on the streets...he wasn't there for his son! But when Mr. King came out of prison for the last time, 5 years ago, LV took his daddy in. About 3 years ago, when LV moved into the Ministry House to help out with a couple of guys that had come out of prison, he also brought his dad. His dad told me that the Ministry House was the nicest place he had ever lived in. Best part of this story: LV's dad was led to Christ by his son loving him unconditionally. Whenever I'd visit the ministry house, Mr. King would be watching Christian TV or the Western Channel. The last few months of life, Mr. King was in hospice at the nursing home and  the evening he was near death, I got the call from LV... that it wouldn't be long and he wanted me there with him. When I got to the nursing home, his daddy's bed had been lowered to the floor and LV hadn't gotten back from a quick bite to eat. I talked and prayed with Mr. King and told him his son would be back soon and then I began to sing hymns and worship. After a few hymns I decided to text LV and let him know the time was getting close... as I turned to use my phone, LV was sitting in a chair behind me. I asked him how long he had been there and he said, “since How Great Thou Art.” He came down and joined me and visited with his dad and as the breathing became more labored, LV prayed with his dad. At the end of the prayer, I leaned right into Mr. King's left ear and said, “This is my 90 year-old daddy's favorite song, Heaven Came Down and Glory Filled My Soul, page 96 in the Favorite Hymns of Praise song book.” I began to sing the chorus and while I was singing the line: "When at the cross my Savior made me whole; my sins were washed away and my night was turned to day..."  Mr. King took the Hand of Jesus and quietly crossed over. LV went and got the nurses and all three ofthem were in tears as they said, “this shouldn't have happened... he should have struggled and been in a lot more pain.” I told them we had been worshiping and singing old hymns and I told them the line I was singing when Mr. King died. Needless to say, that night, “marked LV and I” and a week or so later, before I spoke at his daddy's funeral, LV shared their story “That a Promise is a Promise” and that he was there for his daddy like he “Promised” he would be.  Little did we know, at the time, how God would use their story, in the months of July and August, to encourage others, as the Lord brought me clear meaning to Ecclesiastes 7:2... “Better to go to a funeral than to a party.

3)  Got back home to Indiana about the time “The Shelter at Home” order was given and all three of my doctors let me know that I was a “High Risk” and to stay at home... don't even go to the store or to get gas... be safe! I did... I was...

4)  What “to do” when you “can't do” anymore? Years ago, a Missionary Church pastor left the Fort Wayne area and moved his family to New York City to minister. I remember him sharing that he had to have a “paradigm shift” in the way he did ministry (as he had no church building or office to go to.)  He said, he had to be pretty much daily depend on God to put his schedule together and that each morning he would pray and ask God to give him the names of three people to pray for that morning!  He said, after that, he would ask the Lord how to contact them:  1. Text them 2. E-mail them 3. Call them; or
4. Make contact in person...  He said that most days he was pretty much covered up by ministering to those 3 people and/or the few that would contact him. It didn't take me long, during “The Shelter at Home,” to find out this worked pretty well, but the Lord also put on my heart to not only start each morning with him, but to really study...really read... and really listen for Him!  Basically what the Lord and I accomplished during this time of learning (6-8 hours a day) was about the equivalent of “A Semester of Bible College!”
     When the Spring Weather got the grass growing, I got bold and not only mowed our yard, but a few others and a couple of our guys that had vehicles CLM had given them, met me at places where we did mulch as well as about 20 loads of gravel and whatever else we could do to help welcome Spring. Also, during the time of sheltering, I was part of 6 “Video Bible Studies” and also worked with the “Lead Indy” urban ministry training project, helping teach a handful of young men and women urban youth ministry. I lead the 3-hour Vimeo Teaching Time on “Networking & Resources.”

5)  When the “Shelter at Home” lifted, LV Williams had a couple of housing projects for us to consider for the summer and into the fall. The church parsonage on their church property needed some serious work done, but we started with a cleanup and remodel project (another bathroom and kitchen) for a lady in his church that has a teenage daughter with cerebral palsy.

     During the months of June & July, LV, Tyrone and my son Scott all helped with what was a “limited summer youth basketball program” with most days being outside. A few times they played indoor games with other AAU teams and then first Saturday of August, they finished up with a cookout. The past 2 years CLM has had two 15-passenger vans given and Scott and LV both have mini-vans from our family. The summer of 2020 didn't allow for nearly “the use of these vehicles” that we had prepared and hoped for, but we always try and remember: “JUST ONE...” Lord!  Just One that we can share Your Love and Your Hope with today, regardless of what is going on in the world around us!
6)  Over the years CLM's Housing Ministry allowed us to do what we called organic discipleship, as we worked, studied, ate and served the younger kids and their families too, with up to 8 older guys in each discipleship group. Yesterday I read this definition of discipleship: Discipleship simply means doing the everyday stuff of your life with other people, while
walking towards Jesus, step by step, day by day, meal by meal and conversation by conversation.  J.D. Greear continues to say, you bring people alongside you in your spiritual journey as you open up your life, rather than walking someone through a program. It doesn't take years of training; you just teach others to follow Christ as you follow Him. (I Cor. 11:1) 
     Although CLM doesn't do housing anymore as a ministry that we raise funds for, I many times come alongside alums like LV, James, Clark, Eric, Sconnie and a few others when they need a hand like LV has needed at Miss Yolonda's and the church parsonage.
     James Levi, was one of CLM's original young men, and was 14 when we opened the Care Center gym in late 1995. On his 16th birthday (June 22, 1997) we buried James’ mother following her rape & murder. James rode the roller coaster of life, like a lot of other young men, but he was always trying serve and minister to others. He spent 2 plus years with CLM learning construction skills and then started his own company “Hands of Glory Remodeling.” He spoke about a half-dozen times at churches with me, as he liked to tell even strangers, young and old alike, on the street about Jesus. Years ago, we got some used carpet from a guy that installed hardwood and lament flooring. James went to work with him for a short while to learn that skill and installing floors became his “Bread & Butter” skill. A few years back James was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I was at the hospital when they drilled the hole and found out it was benign, but the seizures the tumor gave him would not allow him to drive and he had to go on disability a couple years ago. He would still help me or some of the other guys out when needed and in late July he was helping out LV on Miss Yolonda's place and ready to help put the new floor in the kitchen with LV.  On July 23rd, James went to the doctor to have his seizure medicine adjusted. The next day, while getting ready to leave his aunt's house, he was right above the stairs on the 2nd floor when he had a seizure. The concrete he landed on broke his skull open in two places and the following day the doctors confirmed his brain was dead. A couple days later, 40 of James' family members gathered at Donor Flag Pole at Eskenazi Hospital to have James recognized by the Indiana Donor Network. The family gave me the Donor Blanket they received in his memory and later that night I was able to take “The Walk of Honor" with James two sisters, Kia & Kesha when they took his body to the operating room. A couple of nights later we had a balloon launch in James memory and I spoke there, too, like I had at the Flag Pole a few nights before.
On Saturday, August 8th, over 200 people (even with social distancing) attended James' Funeral and LV and my son Scott were two of the Pallbearers. James’ uncle and I conducted the service at Womack Memorial Church and we (the family) went to Washington Park North and literally buried James, as we took turns shoveling in the dirt as that's what “their family” had done for generations…

7)  Four Funerals in 25 Days... that changed my life (and hopefully many others) and brought Eccl. 7:2 into clear focus!   Years ago, Wayne Gordon, of Lawndale Community Ministries on the near west side of Chicago said that it takes about
15 years to even begin to have a ministry in the inner city. On January 1st, 2020, I started my 25th year of Urban Ministry and my 40th year of overall ministry. With all that said, the past nearly 30 days have been the toughest of any time in my ministry. On Thursday. August 20th, I did my 4th funeral in less than a month and another funeral I was unable to do, because it overlapped with James Levi's service. These 5 men (ages 36-53) left behind 25 children and 29 grandchildren. The Lord has worked in some amazing ways, but these 5 families will never be the same and quite honestly, neither will I.

8)  While at the cemetery, following the last funeral, I realized that we crossed paths with over 500 friends and family of
these 4 young men. The last 2 months have brought a lot of opportunities as well as struggles to serve and minister to these families. Today I'm meeting with James Levi's two sisters and after that with “Little” Dennis Washington, the son of the last man we buried. The past few months the Lord has blessed us with one (or sometimes 2) pickup (or mini-van) loads of food (each Thursday afternoon) to distribute, and much of the food has gone to the “four families” that we continue to reach out to. We have been told that this food will continue to be available through the end of the year... and in the times we are living, this
is not only a huge blessing, but an amazing “ministry tool” that was shared with me by Sister Maria, from this Spring's Video Bible Study!

A Look Ahead... As I typed these thoughts, “the son of the man the last man we buried” came back into my mind, and the floodgates of my eyes have opened up as I remembered Big Dennis and the first time I met “Little Dennis.”  Both were a little different by pretty much anyone’s standards, but they were both as precious to the Lord (and later to me) as my own son, Scott and 2 of my “God Given Sons” L.V. Williams and James Levi. The past few months the Lord has confirmed that I am
where I am supposed to be, at 62 years of age, and that the fields are “Ripe unto Harvest” not only in Indianapolis, but all over the world!  I close by saying, Thank You for all of your prayers and support over the years... 2020 has been by far the most difficult, yet the Lord is “More Than Enough” for where we have been & where we are going!  

In His Love,
Rick Hall
Pastor Rick Hall, Director, City Light Ministries

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 Missionary Church, Inc., Indy Outreach (N-101), P.O. Box 9127, Fort Wayne, IN 46899-9127

Cookson Hills Christian Ministries

See Cookson Hills Christian Ministries website:
See the latest newsletter as you scroll past the introductory section. 
Since its beginning in 1957, Cookson Hills has offered help, hope, and healing to abused and neglected children and worked with their families to break the cycle of abuse, neglect, dependency, and failure.

Set on more than 1,000 acres in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in rural northeastern Oklahoma, Cookson Hills provides a rustic and rewarding retreat for children requiring out-of-home care.

When families have exhausted the resources of their local church, school, and community and still face a crisis that threatens to overcome the families' ability to sustain themselves, the most likely place to turn to is the government-run foster care or the juvenile justice system. Cookson Hills provides an alternative to those families by offering residential care for their child in a family-modeled environment, individualized Christian education, vocational training, spiritual formation programs, and specialized therapeutic services.

Cookson Hills Christian Ministries has been involved in the lives of children and families for over 57 years.

The mission objectives have always been:

  • To demonstrate God's unconditional love to children and their families
  • To provide a Christian home and school environment
  • To model the principles of Christian living in the environments of family, school, church, and work
  • To educate children and encourage them to strive toward academic and vocational excellence
  • To promote Christian service in children and staff

Every child is born with the right to dream. Dreams fueled by hope lead to achievement, success, and infinite possibility.

In this sea of statistical improbability, hope seems like an unreachable shoreline for families caught in the troubled waters of turmoil and crisis. Yet for more than 57 years, Cookson Hills has continuously provided help to hurting families, hope to fuel the dreams of a restored life in Christ, and healing that illuminates their future. By helping children and their families of origin build stronger relationships with each other and with Christ, families find restoration, rediscover hope, and share a chance to dream together again.

Pray for their hearts to open so they can begin healing from their past hurts.  For many, that could look like: the loss of a loved one, abandonment, or abuse. 
Pray for a growth mindset that will allow them to realize that they can write a better story for their life and their past does not define them.
Pray for the kids who have transitioned out of care and that they would remember they are loved and valued by their Heavenly Father and by their family at Cookson Hills. 
March 2021
Your generosity stabilizes the world for our littlest Chargers as they begin their education right here at Cookson Hills Christian School. Because of you, our K-1 students now have the chance to start their education with a Biblical worldview and a growth mindset.

Meet the Teacher
     “She's kind of a superhero.” That is how Mrs. Riley's 17-year-old daughter, Valarie describes her. Lucky for us, Donna Riley is also our kindergarten - first-grade teacher! Donna comes to us with 11 years of teaching experience, multiple certifications, and was recently awarded Grove Public Lower Elementary teacher of the year! Aside from the supportive environment, her favorite part about teaching at CHCS is that, for the first time, she can share the good news of Jesus Christ with her students!

Making a Classroom Feel Like Home
     Starting something new can be frightening! With that in mind, Mrs. Riley wanted to make her classroom feel like home so that her students would feel comfortable instantly. A month before school began, we weren’t sure how this was going to happen. The room was bare. But you helped fill it with everything we could imagine! From the Smartboard to the circle-time carpet, reading table, and computers, our kids have multiple supports and ways to learn!

You are fostering resiliency and growth

     “I can’t write four sentences!”. “I can’t read!!”. “I don’t understand this!!”.
     These are some of the groans you may have heard a few months ago had you passed by the Kindergarten classroom. But something we work to instill in all of our students is a growth mindset. This means that we want them to be confident in their ability to grow and learn new things!

     It’s the power of “yet”. A mindset that believes “I can’t read YET” desires to keep trying instead of giving up.
Because of your support, our littlest Chargers will learn to carry this mindset with them, allowing them to show resiliency in the midst of difficulty. So thank you!  We can’t wait to see what is YET to come for these kids!
Thank you for your life-changing support,
Sarah Curry
Manager of Storytelling Group


Grundy Mountain Mission School

Since 1921, God has brought more than 20,000 at-risk youth out of their distress and into the land of promise that is Grundy's Mountain Mission School.

Grundy serves as home, church and school to more than 200 kids in need, coming to them not only from Appalachia, but also from more than 60 countries worldwide.  They provide each child with the foundation of first-rate academics, a loving family environment, positive social support and a firm commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you have ever volunteered to serve at Mountain Mission School, this invitation is for you.  To all those who have helped us over the past 100 years to rescue children in need from all over the world, THANK YOU!  We want to return the blessing!

Hilltop Christian Camp

From the Camp Director's Desk (scroll down for the latest news)
See the website for all dates of retreats & camp weeks.  Or call 812.988.4991. 
From the Hilltop Christian Camp website:
The primary Purpose and focus of Hilltop Christian Camp is to provide a secluded and unique setting where every young person or adult can have a great time while encountering the presence of the Living God through play, Bible study, fellowship, and worship.

Hilltop Christian Camp was established in 1946 by the East Columbus Christian Church of Columbus, Indiana. The land, in beautiful Brown County upon which Hilltop is located, was donated to the church by Walker & Freeman Ping for the sole purpose of establishing a Christian service camp for the area young people. In addition to having a place for Christian fun and recreation, the camp would be a place to learn more about Christ and to be challenged to serve Him in various Christian vocations.

Now owned and operated by a corporation of Christian Churches/Churches of Christ in the south central Indiana area, that heritage is being carried on through the motto, “Where Christ and a great time go together.”
RYAN CROFT Camp Director
Ryan Croft is a graduate of Johnson University with a Bachelors degree in Preaching/Church Leadership and a Masters degree from Liberty University in Small Groups and Discipleship. Ryan and his wife Mala have been married for 23 years and have two adult children, Laurel and Thomas. Ryan has served in Youth Ministry for over 20 years and served as a lead Minister for 1 year before coming to Hilltop Christian Camp.

Ryan worked as the Outdoor Adventure Director with Camp Towanda in Honesdale, PA for 3 summers. He served on the board of directors with Camp Rudolph in Yale Virginia and served there for 5 years as the dean of middle school week as well as the dean of the middle/high school fall Redefine Retreat.

Ryan and Mala are excited to be part of what God is doing at Hilltop Christian Camp!
Mala has been a Ryan’s #1 youth sponsor/volunteer for 20+ years and has over 25 years of professional marketing, management, administrative experience – including 3 summers as front office support for Camp Towanda in Honesdale, PA. She is responsible for managing the camp office year-round as well as helping wherever camp has a need to be filled (Did we mention she loves camp?!). In Fall-Winter season she will help with the hosting responsibilities of our many weekend retreats.

Mala earned a Bachelors in Counseling: Marriage and Family and Bible from Johnson University and a Masters in Human Services: Counseling from Liberty University.
From the Camp Director's Desk
 Flowers are starting to pop up all over camp and the trees are coming back to life with beautiful color. We have also started seeing more of our furry and winged friends around camp. With warmer temperatures we know that summer is right around the corner. I am very excited that we can have camp this summer and look forward to seeing God move amazingly in the lives of our campers.
The new zip line is up and almost ready to go. I have already been down it at least a dozen times and can’t wait to see the smiling faces of campers as they race through the woods! All over camp things are starting to take shape for summer but there is still a lot of work to be done. We have had a very busy retreat season this winter and spring so we need all the help we can get at our upcoming workdays. Check out the maintenance minute to get all the details.
Summer is just a couple months away so don’t forget to get your campers registered. Several of our camp weeks are already getting close to being full! If a week does fill up and you choose to go on a waiting list, make sure to watch your email, especially your spam folder, for an email letting you know if more spaces have opened up. We are hoping by May to have new guidelines from the health department letting us know if we can increase camper capacity this summer.
Be sure to look at the Horizon’s section of the newsletter to see all the latest information on what is happening at Hilltop this year!
Celebrating 75 years of Christian camping!
Blessings in Christ,
Ryan Croft 
Hilltop’s dual Zipline is finished; staff are being trained; and it’s ready for the official opening May 22, 2021 - FAMILY DAY! We are thankful for your support and promotion of this project and all things camp - we could not do it without all of you! We are better together! We hope that you will prayerfully consider investing in camp through your donations to the “75FUND”, the strategic debt reduction plan, or make a general donation to help with daily camp operations. Thank you for loving camp! Donate to Hilltop here!
HORIZONS … Summer camp is coming! Please register your camper as soon as possible we do have 1 session that already has a waiting list. The theme for Summer 2021 is Crossroads and focuses on Jeremiah 6:16 -“Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths; ask where the good ways is and you will find rest for your souls…”*a fee applies if paying within 2 weeks of 1st day of session*
REGISTER HEREJOIN FORCES FOR CAMP & CAMPERS- We need you April 24th & May 8th -
We have 2 big projects that takes lots of hands. April 24th we will be uncovering the pool and setting up the deck. May 8th we will be setting tents for Wilderness camp. We also need help to spring clean dorms, get trails ready, move gravel, cut wood, mow, weed eat, etc. We want everything in tip top shape for campers this upcoming season!
Come 1 day, both days, half a day, all day, OR let us know if you can come out another day! We will find a way to utilize the skills you have to offer and we are thankful for the opportunity to work alongside one another. Bring yourself, bring your friend, and bring your lunch. We would love to connect you to a project!
Give camp a call at 812.988.4991 or email camp at HERE TO LET US KNOW YOU'RE IN TO HELP However you do it - thanks for loving camp!
Come to Hilltop for a day of family, food, and fun!
RSVP and Get More Details Here! CAMP IS HIRING!
Come be part of a Summer of ministry to some awesome students!

Kairos Prison Ministry

The slogan of Kairos: Changing Hearts, Transforming Lives, Impacting the World.

  • CHANGING HEARTS - During the initial Kairos weekend, Kairos volunteers serve as God's instrument through which His love, grace and mercy are expressed to the participants/guests in a real and profound way. God begins changing hearts.
  • TRANSFORMING LIVES - Following their weekend experience, participants/guests are encouraged to take responsibility for their life choices and their relations with God; they are invited to engage in small accountability groups. Kairos volunteers continue to return monthly to provide mentoring and guidance through these accountability groups. It is here that Kairos participants/guests begin to replace old ways of thinking with new and they learn they are not alone on this journey. They realize there is a hope for a future. The prison environment begins to change; family relationships start to heal...God is transforming lives.
  • IMPACTING THE WORLD - As the Kairos community inside a prison grows and begins to gain influence, the incidences of violence decreases. Incarcerated participants who are released re-enter the outside world with a God centered, perspective and focus on becoming productive citizens. Female family members find support, strength and encouragement. Youthful offenders acquire new God centered values and change their direction in life. Families are reunited with a hope for the future.

"The Lord your God will change your heart...." (Deuteronomy 30:6)

Lifeline Christian Mission: Red Sands School
History of Lifeline Christian Mission:
In 1980, Bob and Gretchen DeVoe founded Lifeline Christian Mission with the goal to minister to people spiritually and physically.  Initially, the ministry began in Grand Goave, Haiti with a Christian church and school.  As God opened doors, ministry work spread to more communities through churches and schools, health clinics, nutrition programs, disaster relief, children’s homes, and a home building ministry.
Lifeline has ministries in Honduras, Cuba, El Salvador, Winslow, AZ, and Canada.  Read about these efforts at 
Ben Simms
President & CEO
Lifeline Christian Mission
P.S. Your gift of any amount will make this a summer to remember! Give your special, extra donation by August 31! Donate today!   Lifeline Christian Mission | 921 Eastwind Drive, Suite 104, Westerville, OH 43081

Morgan County Habitat for Humanity

Habitat's Vision: A world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Mission Statement: Seeking to put God's love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.

Mission Principles:

  • Demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ.
  • Focus on shelter.
  • Advocate for affordable housing.
  • Promote dignity and hope.
  • Support sustainable and transformational development.

Morgan County Weekday Religious Education

Morgan County Weekday Religious Education
P.O. Box 1285
Martinsville, IN 46151 
 June 2021  
Morgan County Weekday Religious Education is a ministry to third and fourth grade students in the                                    public school. With parental permission students are released from class one day a week for forty minutes to attend Bible Study in a nearby church or modular. We are very grateful for your support through the years because of your love and concern for the children in Morgan County we have been able to teach the  Bible for 67 years. Many children have accepted Christ as Savior. We are non-denominational in our teaching.
Our children are our future leaders of tomorrow. We know that most main line religions begin training their children at a very young age. These children grow up with very deep convictions that their religion  is truth. This is not happening in America in the Christian faith.
Weekday is the one avenue we have to reach out to the bulk of our children through the public school system. When permission is given we have these students up to forty-five minutes each week to  teach them what we know is truth; God's precious Word, the Bible. In this county in the year 2019-20 70% of the parents gave permission for their children to participate.
This last year and half has been very difficult for all of us.  This Covid pandemic has shaken all of us. At Weekday
we have been able to mail weekly lessons with permission from parents. Our attendance has dropped from 900 students to 320. While we are so grateful for the opportunity to  touch these 320 children and families; we are concerned about our being able to return to our normal classroom times this next school year.  We service 14 schools in Morgan County and normally have 75 to  80 percent of the eligible  students.
We need your prayers and support as decisions are made in the next month concerning the educational
program of 3rd and 4th grade students this school year 2021-2022. PLEASE HELP US KEEP THIS MINISTRY ALIVE!
Morgan County Schools of Weekday Religious Education Board and Staff

North Burma Christian Mission

Liebrandt's were recently in Thailand and Columbia,
South America, January 17-February 2. 
Please look at their FaceBook page -,
Newsletter link:   
and read about the efforts made with their partners in ministry to the deaf. 
Dewayne and Jackie are thankful for your prayers for all their travels.  Many of you can remember what has been a favorite verse of Dewayne's that he has stressed many times.  Psalms 16:9 which says, "Man makes his plans, but God directs his footsteps."  On their two recent trips, Dewayne says the Lord directed their footsteps, especially given all that was happening due to Covid-19.

In June 1987, Dewayne left his job at GM and joined NBCM. Dewayne and Jackie’s ministry calling is to, "take the Gospel of Christ to the deaf of the world”. Dewayne has learned 4 different Sign Languages and spoken Thai. He has worked with the deaf in 13 countries. The Liebrandt's have a broad range of ministry outreaches to the deaf in Thailand and Colombia such as: deaf churches, church camps, video productions, short-term ministry programs, sign language classes, and job training. They have a hands-on ministry, with a world-wide calling, which is focused on one deaf person at a time.
“...The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore, pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest ​to send out laborers into his harvest.” Mt. 9:37-38 ESV
and on FaceBook:  NBCM/DEAF@NBCMDEAF
The work began in 1921 when J. Russell and Gertrude Morse first answered the call of God to become missionaries to Tibet and China. Together with their children, they served the Lord faithfully through times of hunger, fatigue, floods, wars and imprisonment.  Their hearts desire was that all would hear the gospel, receive salvation, and become faithful followers of Christ. Through the years the work continued first in Burma in the early 1950s and later in Thailand in 1972 through their children and grandchildren.

In 1972, when the Morse's relocated to Thailand, they continued to evangelize, disciple, and plant churches among new tribal groups in Thailand.  Over the years, many other missionary coworkers joined the ministry bringing their own expertise and vision into the mission. Together they engaged in community development, established literacy and literature production, launched leadership programs, started educational youth homes, partnered in deaf ministry, and created audio and video productions to develop the believers spiritually, physically, and mentally.

Over the years, more than 500 churches were established across four countries,
and thousands of national believers were trained to continue the work.

NBCM continues to evangelize among various tribal and local people groups throughout S.E. Asia. Many committed national preachers partner with us to evangelize, disciple and plant churches throughout the region. NBCM serves as a resource for Bible training centers in S.E. Asia. Multiple training courses and Bible Schools are conducted for church leaders and members across many ethnicities and languages.

NBCM uses a holistic approach 
to developing tribal communities through agriculture and infrastructure development. These include health and sanitation, water projects, education, and church planting together with relief and benevolent assistance.

Our literature department in Thailand translates, designs and prepares Bibles, hymnbooks, and other Christian materials to be printed and distributed to over a dozen people groups throughout Asia in their own languages.  Many remote villages now have access to media. We produce sermons, dramas, testimonies, and other Christian programs that are uploaded to social media and distributed throughout Asia. ​These productions are a vital mode of spreading the gospel. 

Music ministry is a key aspect of Christian outreach in churches, schools and local communities. This takes on many forms from Church worship teams and hymnbooks in tribal languages to Christian CD’s and music videos distributed throughout Asia.

Partnering with tribal villages, safe housing is run by local Christians during the school year. This allows children to retain their tribal identity within a family environment while receiving Christian values and a formal education in nearby government schools.

Making disciples by living out the commands of Jesus in the workplace. Equipping and encouraging them so that 
individuals and communities are transformed spiritually, economically and socially. With the goal of glorifying God and establishing His Kingdom.

The deaf people of Asia are a significant minority group who are misunderstood and ignored by most of society. Deaf churches that were started in Chiang Mai are now run by their own leaders. This ministry continues to reach out to other countries.

Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch

Pinehaven is a residential, year-round program aimed at providing a stable, controlled, secure environment in which young people can reach the potential that God has placed within them.  To meet the needs of our young people even better.

Pinehaven Christian School was started in 1984. What started in a basement with 12 students is now a dedicated facility capable of handling 100. Abortion is a terrible problem in our society; but rather than just talking about it, Pinehaven has a program designed to give young, unwed mothers an alternative at their Life House.
Pinehaven Christian Children’s Ranch and School, PO Box 940, St. Ignatius MT 59865
Dan Larsson, Head Wrangler (406) 546-9015     John Robine, Assistant Wrangler (406) 210-0634                                                   
December 10th, 2020

Hello, Pinehaven Family!
We hope and pray that you had a great fall and beginning to winter.  Christmas is fast approaching but we need to catch up on some events between September and now.  The float trip on the Missouri river was a great trip.  We floated forty odd miles twice.  Once with the Pinehaven kids and again with the GAP kids.  It was cold and beautiful.  The kids cooked their own feed and put up their own tents.  These wilderness experiences are a great thing for young and old alike.  October brought about hunting season, and all our student hunters harvested game and are enjoying it on the table.  The GAP program came to a close and we are now taking applications for September-November of 2021.  Interested parties contact Lisa at  The GAP ministry is essentially a spiritual formation and trade school semester (10 weeks).  We don't charge a fee or tuition and want to help those who have graduated but don't know what they want to do.  We also want them to have an experience with the skills they have and how they can be used for the kingdom.
Covid has slowed many things down, including me visiting as many churches yearly as I can!  Before you receive this letter, I will post a video update for churches.  You can find these videos by searching "Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch on YouTube.  Click on the round channel icon and find the latest videos on the channel.
We are excited to have a number of House Parent applications!  Please pray for these couples and the funds to pay them!  A big thankyou to all of you who give to make Pinehaven possible.  Please check out our new website at for updates and more giving options.
Remember that the Lord is working and in control.  We all trust and live on the provision of the Lord.  He is good and faithful.  Keep the Faith!
Philippians 2:13  For it is God who works in you both to will and to work for His good pleasure. 
Dan Larsson 

Polish Christian Ministries

Serving the people of Poland since 1954
Polish Christian Ministries
Polska Herald Newsletter  - March 2021
Sign up for this newsletter to come to your email at
See the newsletter in color & with pictures. 
 Come, let us sing to the LORD! Let us give a joyous shout to the Rock of our salvation! Let us come before Him with thanksgiving. Let us sing Him psalms of praise. For the LORD is a great God, the great King above all gods. Psalm 95:1-3
"I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except by Me" -- Jesus.
Pastor Arek Kotlewski and his team from the church in Dzialdowo are often on the streets, offering literature, coffee and pastries, prayer, and words of hope to the people of their community. During these days of crisis, they are a visible demonstration of God's steadfast love. Arek will be sharing with us in our next Zoom prayer session.
On February 8 we hosted a special Zoom prayer session with Pastor Jarek Sciwiarski from Dabrowa Gornicza. He shared a ministry update and needs for prayer. We found out rather quickly that leaders in the States and in Poland are facing similar challenges. It was so good to hear from one another and pray together. A big thank you to each one who joined us and to Jarek's daughter, Doris, who did such a great job translating. Our next Zoom session will be Monday, March 8, at 11:00 ET (link will be sent separately). Our special guest will be Pastor Arek Kotlewski from Dzialdowo. Hope you can join us!
One of the exciting projects included in the "3 for 3 in 3" initiative is the renovation of the new meeting place for "Christian Fellowship West" in the Bemowo district of Warsaw. They have signed a contract to lease a wonderful space in one of the local shopping malls. It was previously a children's play area so a lot of renovation is still to come. They can't wait to worship God and introduce people to Jesus in this place.
Check out this video of their new place!

Wojciech Lemke (pronounced "Voy-check Lem-keh") is the pastor of the church in Gdynia on the Baltic coast. His Living Link church is the Union City Christian Church in Richmond, KY. Wojciech and his wife, Iwona, along with their four grown sons, serve the congregation with a special emphasis on helping needy children. His testimony is one of transformation -- from despair to hope, from sadness to joy, from meaninglessness to a reason for living. For more about Wojciech and our Polish ministry partners, check out our "Polish Christian Ministries" page on Facebook. We give thanks to God for each of our Polish partners and their stories of God's great grace
Praise God for......each of our U.S. supporting churches.
Here are the top 15 in 2020:
Tomoka Christian Church, Ormond Beach, Florida
Compassion Christian Church, Savannah, Georgia
Church of Christ at Manor Woods, Rockville, Maryland
Brighton Christian Church, Brighton, Michigan
Traders Point Christian Church, Zionsville, Indiana
Fairmount Christian Church, Mechanicsville, Virginia
Central Christian Church, Ocala, Florida
Southport Heights Christian Church, Indianapolis, Indiana
OceanPointe Christian Church, Middletown, Rhode Island
New Hope Christian Church, Whitestown, Indiana
Islands Christian Church, Savannah, Georgia
Salem Christian Church, Richmond, Kentucky
Kissimmee Christian Church, Kissimmee, Florida
Lighthouse Christian Church, Oceanside, California
North Liberty Church of Christ, North Liberty, Indiana

... the fellowship in Kutno which became an official mission station of the church in Dabrowa Gornicza in February

... each of our Polish partners who continually give of themselves to build up the churches in Poland.

Please pray for ...... our Polish partners to have good health and renewed courage as they minister during these difficult times.
... Henryk Karasiewicz as he continues to undergo cardiac rehabilitation.
... a spirit of unity amongst Polish pastors and their leaders.
... funds to winterize the chapel at Ostroda Camp.
... a worship leader for the church in Sandomierz.
... the churches in Lidzbark Welski and Radom as they both are in need of pastors.
... Warsaw West as they begin renovations in March.
... Pabianice as they hope to raise funds to finish construction of their new space in Lodz.
... Ciechanow as they seek to raise funds to insulate the roof and walls of their building.


WellSpring offers emergency and transitional housing for 23 families.

A family is considered as:
- Single parent with children,
- Married couple with children, or
- Married couple without children


WellSpring is a 14-unit transitional housing facility limited to a 24 month program. We have 8 one-bedroom, 5 two-bedroom and 1 three-bedroom apartments available. Families do pay a fixed monthly rent payment for their transitional housing stay. Rent is not income based and includes stove, refrigerator, utilities, and phone. Laundry facilities and an entertainment area are also provided at no cost.

Families are able to bring their furniture and belongings from storage into their apartment. If families do not have furniture or necessities, WellSpring will try to provide what we can to assist families.

Families continue with monthly Case Management. Programs also includes a housing plan for permanent housing.

Individual service plans are designed to allow families to choose and achieve their personal goals. We also offer education opportunities, budgeting, stress management classes, computer lab and access to our food pantry.