At Liberty we believe that the Gospel should be shared with all who are willing to hear. We strive to share Jesus wherever we are; but we cannot go everywhere. Therefore, we believe in supporting missions that are able to share personally where we are not. Listed here are missions we believe are sharing the Gospel of Jesus and proudly support them with our finances, prayers, and other opportunities to help.

Ap Ma Outreach

Jesse and Karie Pryor (Karie is the daughter of our own Richard and Tamara Peck) are the missionaries to the Ap Ma people in the Angoram district of the East Sepik Province in Papua New Guinea. They went to PNG in February of 2004 to supplement a work begun by Jesse's parents, John and Bonita Pryor, who have served the people faithfully in this area for 26 years, working to translate the New Testament to the Ap Ma language. Though the translation work continues, Jesse and Karie have come to aid in the area of literacy training and church growth. They are currently working on construction projects to give the people a church/literacy center and classroom space. They are also working within the church to strengthen programs that were struggling, such as the women's study group and the Sunday school program.
Read some articles from their Outreach International of Papua New Guinea website  
Travel restrictions in PNG have been lifted.  And Pryor's are able to get to the nearest town for supplies and paperwork. 
Dr. Beth Lewis continues service with them at this time.  Thank you for prayers! 
Pryor Newsletter Received June 23, 2020   
The Ap Ma Project Outreach International of PNG           
United in Service with the Ap Ma People

Quilts, Clocks, and Tea Cups in the Tropics
    Overthinking. Second-guessing.  Trying to look at things from multiple perspectives.  Considering personal and cultural implications.  Guessing at my own motivations.  That was what packing up that shipping container felt like to me.  Jesse and I had decided that with the opportunity to send a crate and with the sale of our stateside house imminent, disposing or relocating all our acquired stuff was more than a good idea; it was necessary.  What do you do with a lifetime of stuff?  What do you do with gifts and the memories?  For many items, my answer was to take them where God has called us and use them as the giver intended.
    If you visit my house in the jungles of PNG, you will see a few things that might seem out of place.  (We do live in the swamp, after all.)  Longaberger baskets were given to me by some dear friends at my home church on the day of my wedding and for the birth of my baby girl.  In the tropics you will see a beautiful quilt made by Jesse’s family for us. You will see far too many cookie sheets and Tupperware containers, because my grandmother loved to cook and I loved to cook with her.
    June 20th Jesse and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary.  As I unpacked each dish and cup and towel, it was like being at my wedding shower again. In these days of unpacking and finding new places for old things, I am reminded again of the spirit of generosity that has carried us along so far in our lives and in our ministry together. As I see the carefully written inscriptions on each basket and feel the stitches that took hours and hours to complete, and bake the rolls my grandmother taught me to make; I thank God for my family, my friends and the churches that mean so much to our family.

Special Delivery

    We have had more than a few special deliveries this month.  Three new babies have been born at Samban clinic already this month and one mom and baby received some extra care after a home delivery.  We are so thankful for the skills of our medical personnel.  We are also looking forward to the completion of the maternity ward, which is under construction, because of the needs of mothers that can have a few hours to recover and rest before heading home with their little ones. We ask that you join with us in prayer as we seek to hire additional staff to meet the increasing patient load.

FODE Firsts
     The Ap Ma FODE Center is a correspondence school run by OIPNG which caters to grades 7-12.  Part of the original program for FODE was a junior college program which was for grade 10 finishers and intended to be the equivalent of a grade 12 degree called Matriculation Studies Program (MSP).  In 2019, our first MSP student completed his exams and we have finally received his certificate.  In 2020, we have 4 more MSP students preparing for their final exams, as well as, two grade 10 students and 5 grade 8 students.  (The PNG education system offers national testing and selection for continuation at grades 8, 10, and 12.)  We look forward to holding a graduation ceremony soon for all our hardworking graduates.
    This school year our theme is “To the Next Level”.  A total of 31 students enrolled.  In December and January lesson books were printed for each grade and subject so that a hard-copy would be available for each class.  Assignments were printed and put into plastic-covered booklets to be reused for years. Classrooms were cleaned and straightened and new fly-wire installed so students have a more comfortable school experience.  New teacher’s aide, Rose Wapan, was a big help in preparing all the books and assignments for this year.
    January 30, 2020 - Students attended Orientation this year and learned about all the new changes in FODE and received supplies.   February 3, First Day of School classes started promptly at 8:30 A.M.  Jesse Pryor opened the day with prayer and devotion.  February 5, Digicel Foundation representatives were in Samban visiting FODE students and taking photos. CEO of Digicel Foundation, Serena Sasingian, was presented with a gift of an Ap Ma FODE T-shirt, pencils and stickers as a
sign of thanksgiving.

We appreciate your interest in the Ap Ma Outreach Project.  
Thank you for your prayers and support.   
Our mailing address is:
Outreach International of Papua New Guinea
2010 Liberty Church Rd.
Martinsville, IN 46151

Central Japan Christian Mission

See the report for the month of November below!
Tim and Lisa Turner have been ministering in Japan since 1989. They went to Japan in September of 1989 to help with a struggling church in the city of Machida, a suburb of the largest city in Japan, Tokyo. Through the years they have helped lead the church with a handful of leaders and workers. The goal is to have all Japanese leadership including a Japanese minister. Tim teaches and preaches in Japan and continues to lead the church in Machida City.

Central Japan Christian Mission has been ministering in Japan since 1958 when Paul and Kathleen Pratt arrived in Japan to begin their missionary service. The Pratt's founded the Sannobara Church of Christ in Isehara City in 1965. Since then, CJCM has been involved in the start and support of 3 other churches including the Machida Church of Christ where Tim and Lisa are located.

CJCM and the Turners are involved in various ministries in Japan including the following:
1.  Church Planting We believe that the church is the foundation through which God builds His Kingdom and want to plant vibrant and indigenous churches in the Tokyo area.
2.  Leadership Training We believe that it is important to have Japanese leaders in the church and want to train and equip young people in the churches to become the next leaders of the Japanese church.
3.  Bible Studies We want to establish small group Bible studies to help the Japanese grow in their faith and to make the Bible the foundation of their lives so that they can be contagious Christians in their own land.
4.  Family Ministry We are focusing on reaching out to young families of Japan as many of them are struggling with marriage, parenting, and child rearing.
5.  Children’s Ministry We want to reach out to children who will grow up in the church and who can be a part of the next generation of Christian leaders in Japan.
6.  Camp Ministry We are involved with and support the Shinshu Bible Camp, a Christian Church supported Bible camp in Nagano Prefecture.
Latest Newsletter:
Central Japan Christian Mission 
61 Oak Grove Road, Temple, GA 30179
November 3, 2020

Dear Friends and Family,

     Greetings from Japan! As I start this newsletter, it is Election Day in America. It has been a crazy year not only with Covid-19 but also with the election but we pray that it will all go well and that it will be a peaceful time. We are glad that we can implement our voting rights even from Japan as we sent in our absentee ballots about a month ago. We will continue to pray for America.
     We are doing fine and enjoying the pleasant autumn season. It is just starting to get cold and we recently had to turn on our heaters in the evenings. We hope that you enjoy hearing about what has been going on in our lives and in the work in Japan.

The Corona Virus Situation in Japan
     The daily numbers for Covid-19 in Tokyo continue to be steady at around 200 a day with the majority being young people. People are out and about but almost all are wearing masks and trying to keep distance as best as possible. Tim and Lisa commute to church and school by train every day so we are trying to be careful while we are out. Most schools are open and in session although we have heard of several colleges and universities still doing online schooling. 
     Little by little the regulations to enter Japan from abroad are loosening up and we are looking forward to the day when we can make a trip to the US again. As of November 1st, if we stay in America more than one week, there is a 14-day quarantine when returning to Japan. As of now, tourists from America are still not allowed into Japan.

The Machida Church is continuing on in spite of Covid-19 and still holding two services on Sunday morning. We are looking forward to when we can go back to one service. At a recent leaders meeting, we talked about Christmas this year and what we can do. We are going to look into different possibilities so that we can have one joint service of celebration and worship. Please continue to pray for the church here in Japan and as we navigate through Covid-19.

Izumi College Classes
     Travis and Tim finished the first semester of classes at Izumi Junior College the week of October 19th. They gave a final test to their students on the final day. Grades had to be turned in by October 29th so they were busy grading the tests and recording grades the following week. It has been a good semester although we were not able to have any outreach events for the students because of Covid-19.
     Tim began his second semester Christian Ethics class on October 7th and has 15 students in the class. It is a class that looks at different issues in society with the Bible as its base. Please pray for Tim and his students this semester.

Tim Cancels Trip to the U.S.
     Back in February, before Covid-19 became a pandemic, Tim had purchased a ticket to the States for November to attend the ICOM in Indianapolis and to see family. He was hoping that he would be able to go but because Japan still has a quarantine in place, Tim thought it best not to go so canceled his ticket and hotel recently. He was looking forward to the visit. If you do happen to be attending ICOM in Indianapolis, please be sure and stop by Say Yes to Japan’s booth (#516).

The Turner family is well and enjoying the fall in their respective places. 
     Sarah is having a good start to the school year although there is a lot of stress and tension that comes with dealing with Covid-19. As principal, she is having to make some tough decisions and having to deal with concerned parents as well as teachers. She is continuing to be active at her church with music, translation, and attending Bible studies. She is hoping to make a trip to Tokyo during her Thanksgiving break.

     Katie and Joel have had a busy month. Joel’s soreness from their fender-bender in September continued for several weeks but he is getting better now. In early October, Katie had the opportunity to speak about Japan to her class at school. The kids enjoyed it and had some interesting questions. Joel began working in the cafeteria at Johnson University but is still looking for a more permanent job. Katie enjoyed a needed week of fall break from October 11 through 15. Then on Friday, October 23rd, she had a long day of parent/teacher conferences.

     Spencer is winding down his work on the ropes course as it will close down for the winter on November 3rd. October was not so busy but they did have some customers on the weekends. Spencer took a couple of solo hiking trips in the
mountains nearby and enjoyed that. He was a good guide for Tim and Lisa on October 11th and 12th as we went to the National Park at Kamikochi to walk around.

     Joshua is doing well at Toccoa Falls College and studying hard. He has an ongoing project on operating a camp and is making our Shinshu Bible Camp his foundation. In the end of October, he took a trip to Minnesota to visit some friends from his days at Timberline in Colorado. They went camping in the cold and snow.

     Tim and Lisa are doing fine and continuing on in their work and ministries. Lisa had a two-day fall break on October 12th and 13th so we went up on Sunday afternoon to stay with Spencer. Then on Monday we rode over to Kamikochi, a resort area at the base of the Japan Alps. We did a 5-hour walk and enjoyed the fall scenery and then enjoyed a dip in the
hot springs before heading home. Tim had a colonoscopy done on October 15th with a good report when it was over. On October 18th, Tim was asked to preach at a small church in downtown Tokyo so we both went and had a nice day with the people there.

Travis and Becky Kilson
     Travis and Becky are doing fine. Becky is continuing to have good health in her pregnancy.  Naomi and Maye have had some colds during the fall season but it hasn’t kept them down much as they are active girls. Travis not only preaches once a month at Machida but also preaches at a couple of other churches on a regular basis. His Japanese is getting better each time. Thanks for your prayers for them. 

     We are grateful to each of you for your prayers and support for us. We are looking forward to the end of the year with Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner. We ask that you pray for us during the upcoming season and how we can best reach out during this time. Thanks so much for your support to the ministry in Japan. May you have a
wonderful Thanksgiving season this month and may God bless you all richly.
Partners in Christ,
Tim and Lisa Turner

City Light Ministries

This mission is in Indianapolis. Our missionary is Rick Hall, who was a youth minister at Liberty from July 1981 to October 1984.  Contact Rick Hall, Director, at 
 City Light Ministry – May 2020 Report Letter
     One of the Missionary Church’s Pastors in NYC asks the Lord to give him 3 people each day to contact through 1) a phone call, 2) a text, or 3) an e-mail, or 4) a personal visit (this was before shelter-in-place).  He said many days those 3 people took up his entire day and now with this "New Normal" going on, I've been able to put some of that into practice with both: Guys & Families we minister to and: Friends & Family that support CLM.
     Last Saturday I taught a 3-hour class on Zoom on "Resources & Collaboration" with younger guys & gals in Urban Youth Ministry. It was a little more difficult than teaching in person, but one of my friends did the Power Points from his ministry site. Due to my "High Risk Status" I've only done outside work... a couple of us have mowed & mulched yards (in both the inner-city & the suburbs like we do most springs) and we also have hauled nearly 20 truckloads of gravel. 
     In fact, when I get done with this update, I'm headed to pick up a load of gravel (or 2 or 3) for Tear Down The Walls
Ministry on the near West Side. The past few years CLM has partnered with TDTW and they also have a ministry house with a couple of guys living there, but their men come out of homelessness. I am mentoring Chris, one of their guys, but he has pneumonia right now, so it will be a while before I see him again in person.
    Our two guys at CLM's Ministry House are doing well and both are working (one in food service of a nursing home, and the other in construction) and on weekends they have 2 boys each that spend time there with their dads! We hope to tear the Ministry House bathroom out soon as it's been used (and abused) by over 50 men the past 15 years and we've gotten
pretty good at making bathrooms look pretty good with 12" ceramic tile around the tub and on the floors (the tiles costs less than $1 each, but the glue and grout are the biggest costs) and I and the two guys living there will give CLM a good deal on labor (Laugh Out Loud).
    Last week I spent nearly 2 hours on the phone with Jermaine Razor (in Evansville) concerning their family starting a
church in Michigan City later this year.  I'm going to help coach and be a rocket booster for them. Jermaine was 11 years old when I met him 25 years ago and the first night, I told him God had a call on his life. Last March after 10 years of being part- time at his church, Jermaine was ordained (after answering 20 theological questions by 8 different pastors).  He's an amazing young man and he and his wife, Natalee, are great parents of their two daughters and one son.
    A couple days ago Vince (one of CLM's former inmates) called me from Chicago after he had been dismissed from the
hospital. He said he spent 5 days in the hospital and his wife spent 4 days.  She got it (coronavirus) from the nursing home she worked in that had over 100 cases, according to Vince. He said it was a struggle for a couple of days but that he was Praising The Lord for the Struggle and God's Healing. In a week or so he's starting an "Online Bible Study" from the Book of Romans with any family members (150+ family counting both sides as his step dad fathered 22 in "his career”… 12 with
Vince's mom; and Kenny Costin & I did her funeral back in 2001) that want to join and since I'm considered "family" I was invited too!
    Praying & Praising for your ministry and the Family of God at LCC!
    Thank You for your prayers and support and let me know of any ways we can be praying for the LCC Family, too. 

In His Love,  
Pastor Rick Hall, Director, City Light Ministries

- Share this e-mail with your friends and let us know when you do, so we can add them to our list.
- For questions, volunteer opportunities, or to make non-cash donations, call 317-716-6369.
- Please mail monetary ministry support to:
Missionary Church, Inc.
Indy Outreach (N-101)
P.O. Box 9127
Fort Wayne, IN 46899-9127

Cookson Hills Christian Ministries

See Cookson Hills Christian Ministries website:
Since its beginning in 1957, Cookson Hills has offered help, hope, and healing to abused and neglected children and worked with their families to break the cycle of abuse, neglect, dependency, and failure.

Set on more than 1,000 acres in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in rural northeastern Oklahoma, Cookson Hills provides a rustic and rewarding retreat for children requiring out-of-home care.

When families have exhausted the resources of their local church, school, and community and still face a crisis that threatens to overcome the families' ability to sustain themselves, the most likely place to turn to is the government-run foster care or the juvenile justice system. Cookson Hills provides an alternative to those families by offering residential care for their child in a family-modeled environment, individualized Christian education, vocational training, spiritual formation programs, and specialized therapeutic services.

Cookson Hills Christian Ministries has been involved in the lives of children and families for over 57 years.

The mission objectives have always been:

  • To demonstrate God's unconditional love to children and their families
  • To provide a Christian home and school environment
  • To model the principles of Christian living in the environments of family, school, church, and work
  • To educate children and encourage them to strive toward academic and vocational excellence
  • To promote Christian service in children and staff

Every child is born with the right to dream. Dreams fueled by hope lead to achievement, success, and infinite possibility.

In this sea of statistical improbability, hope seems like an unreachable shoreline for families caught in the troubled waters of turmoil and crisis. Yet for more than 57 years, Cookson Hills has continuously provided help to hurting families, hope to fuel the dreams of a restored life in Christ, and healing that illuminates their future. By helping children and their families of origin build stronger relationships with each other and with Christ, families find restoration, rediscover hope, and share a chance to dream together again.

The summer newsletter is online:  
Read about Lucas in the Class of 2020
and his life change after going to Cookson Hills. 
Ways to pray for children at Cookson Hills
Pray for their hearts to open so they can begin healing from their past hurts.  For many, that could look like: the loss of a loved one, abandonment, or abuse. 
Pray for a growth mindset that will allow them to realize that they can write a better story for their life and their past does not define them.
Pray for the kids who have transitioned out of care and that they would remember they are loved and valued by their Heavenly Father and by their family at Cookson Hills. 


Grundy Mountain Mission School

Since 1921, God has brought more than 20,000 at-risk youth out of their distress and into the land of promise that is Grundy's Mountain Mission School.

Grundy serves as home, church and school to more than 200 kids in need, coming to them not only from Appalachia, but also from more than 60 countries worldwide.  They provide each child with the foundation of first-rate academics, a loving family environment, positive social support and a firm commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Spring 2020 Newsletter Excerpts 
(can be viewed from their website) 
1921-2021  100 Years
 Let's Celebrate!   October 10-11, 2020   Mark Your Calendar!
If you have ever volunteered to serve at Mountain Mission School, this invitation is for you.  To all those who have helped us over the past 100 years to rescue children in need from all over the world, THANK YOU!  We want to return the blessing!
Ministry Partners Appreciation Weekend
October 10-11, 2020
See the website for registration information. 
Several members of our 7th-grade Woodshop Class strike a post in front of a shed they've helped build under the direction of Dave Mayer (Head of our Vocational Dept.) combining academics with hands-on experience, the boys learned basic principles of construction by carrying the project from a concept on paper all the way through the actual build.  Their project serves as a simple reminder of how Mountain Mission helps children build faith, character, confidence-and sometimes even careers.   Picture on their site.
See stories of young ones and their dreams for their future.
See stories of graduates accomplishing their dreams.

Hilltop Christian Camp

From the Camp Manager's Desk
See the website for all dates of retreats & camp weeks.  Or call 812.988.4991. 

Indiana University Christian Student Fellowship

Pursue Authentic Faith and Build Intentional Community
Connect with us:
IU Christian Student Fellowship
October 30, 2020
October has been a month of gratitude during this COVID season.
Over the past few weeks, we have finally been able to have our Thursday worship service “Encounter” in-person! This is with much thanks to one of our partner ministries that have graciously allowed us to reserve their
space through Thanksgiving.
Before we were allowed to use this off-campus space, we were unable to meet as a whole ministry due to IU’s residential COVID guidelines. Now, I think, we all have an even greater appreciation for the simple act of being in the same room
together. Something that was so routine at the beginning of this year is now a pure joy for all of us.
Another major source of gratitude has been our amazing group of student leaders this year.
I want to specifically shine a spotlight on our Encounter leadership team. Not only have their academic lives been turned upside down, but the way we have done Encounter has changed monthly (no exaggeration). Through all this change, this team of students has been nothing but creative, flexible, positive, and full of grace in their leadership.
One example of this was during a time when we had to pre-record Encounter at the campus house. Since both our worship leaders this year are non-residents, they were unable to physically be in the campus house due to
They both selflessly stepped aside and coached a worship team made up of resident volunteers to record for Encounter, knowing they would be unable to be there themselves and do what they are passionate about. Not only did they
put the cause above their own desires, but they lifted others up and created a learning opportunity for our potential next generation of worship leaders.  What an incredible example of Christ-like leadership! 
With things about to change again after Thanksgiving break, we would love to have your prayers.
At Thanksgiving break, the academic calendar becomes online only and off-campus until February. Please pray that staff and student leaders will continue to adapt and pivot with each season so that our community will still be able to feel connected and supported.
Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support.    Amanda Thomas, CSF Staff

Kairos Prison Ministry

The slogan of Kairos: Changing Hearts, Transforming Lives, Impacting the World.

  • CHANGING HEARTS - During the initial Kairos weekend, Kairos volunteers serve as God's instrument through which His love, grace and mercy are expressed to the participants/guests in a real and profound way. God begins changing hearts.
  • TRANSFORMING LIVES - Following their weekend experience, participants/guests are encouraged to take responsibility for their life choices and their relations with God; they are invited to engage in small accountability groups. Kairos volunteers continue to return monthly to provide mentoring and guidance through these accountability groups. It is here that Kairos participants/guests begin to replace old ways of thinking with new and they learn they are not alone on this journey. They realize there is a hope for a future. The prison environment begins to change; family relationships start to heal...God is transforming lives.
  • IMPACTING THE WORLD - As the Kairos community inside a prison grows and begins to gain influence, the incidences of violence decreases. Incarcerated participants who are released re-enter the outside world with a God centered, perspective and focus on becoming productive citizens. Female family members find support, strength and encouragement. Youthful offenders acquire new God centered values and change their direction in life. Families are reunited with a hope for the future.

"The Lord your God will change your heart...." (Deuteronomy 30:6)

Lifeline Christian Mission: Red Sands School
History of Lifeline Christian Mission:
In 1980, Bob and Gretchen DeVoe founded Lifeline Christian Mission with the goal to minister to people spiritually and physically.  Initially, the ministry began in Grand Goave, Haiti with a Christian church and school.  As God opened doors, ministry work spread to more communities through churches and schools, health clinics, nutrition programs, disaster relief, children’s homes, and a home building ministry.
Lifeline has ministries in Honduras, Cuba, El Salvador, Winslow, AZ, and Canada.  Read about these efforts at 
From the President of Lifeline Christian Mission,  August 10, 2020
The 2020 summer campaign is in full swing! The goal is to raise a combined total of $300,000 by the end of August; $100,000 in July and $200,000 in August. Thus far $197,230 has been committed and donated!
There's still a long way to go so your help is still needed!

It's been a summer of uncertainty due to COVID-19...

Even in the midst of COVID-19, God's Word is unstoppable! A global pandemic cannot stop the Word of God from spreading around the world. You have been a part of sharing the Gospel and meeting the needs in the mission field.  

Yet, Lifeline's current revenue is insufficient to sustain all ministries. While we have seen God's amazing power in this pandemic (see the story below!), you are needed to keep the ministry momentum moving forward, not backward.
Historically, Lifeline's funding has centered around 3 "legs of a stool":
donations from individuals and churches (approx 60% of revenue)
mission trips (approx 20% of revenue)
meal packing events (approximately 20% of revenue)

But during COVID-19, two legs of our stool have been broken:
mission trips are postponed and meal packing events have been reduced by nearly 80%. We have retooled programs and made significant cuts, but it's not enough. You are needed!
Your generous gift of any amount makes a huge difference to the ministry and to the people we all love and serve. You meed immediate ministry needs this summer and build a bridge for ministry into the fall.
Serving Christ together,
Ben Simms
President & CEO
Lifeline Christian Mission
P.S. Your gift of any amount will make this a summer to remember! Give your special, extra donation by August 31! Donate today!   Lifeline Christian Mission | 921 Eastwind Drive, Suite 104, Westerville, OH 43081

Morgan County Habitat for Humanity

Habitat's Vision: A world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Mission Statement: Seeking to put God's love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.

Mission Principles:

  • Demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ.
  • Focus on shelter.
  • Advocate for affordable housing.
  • Promote dignity and hope.
  • Support sustainable and transformational development.

Morgan County Weekday Religious Education

North Burma Christian Mission

Liebrandt's were recently in Thailand and Columbia,
South America, January 17-February 2. 
Please look at their FaceBook page -,
Newsletter link:   
and read about the efforts made with their partners in ministry to the deaf. 
Dewayne and Jackie are thankful for your prayers for all their travels.  Many of you can remember what has been a favorite verse of Dewayne's that he has stressed many times.  Psalms 16:9 which says, "Man makes his plans, but God directs his footsteps."  On their two recent trips, Dewayne says the Lord directed their footsteps, especially given all that was happening due to Covid-19.

In June 1987, Dewayne left his job at GM and joined NBCM. Dewayne and Jackie’s ministry calling is to, "take the Gospel of Christ to the deaf of the world”. Dewayne has learned 4 different Sign Languages and spoken Thai. He has worked with the deaf in 13 countries. The Liebrandt's have a broad range of ministry outreaches to the deaf in Thailand and Colombia such as: deaf churches, church camps, video productions, short-term ministry programs, sign language classes, and job training. They have a hands-on ministry, with a world-wide calling, which is focused on one deaf person at a time.
“...The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore, pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest ​to send out laborers into his harvest.” Mt. 9:37-38 ESV
and on FaceBook:  NBCM/DEAF@NBCMDEAF
The work began in 1921 when J. Russell and Gertrude Morse first answered the call of God to become missionaries to Tibet and China. Together with their children, they served the Lord faithfully through times of hunger, fatigue, floods, wars and imprisonment.  Their hearts desire was that all would hear the gospel, receive salvation, and become faithful followers of Christ. Through the years the work continued first in Burma in the early 1950s and later in Thailand in 1972 through their children and grandchildren.

In 1972, when the Morse's relocated to Thailand, they continued to evangelize, disciple, and plant churches among new tribal groups in Thailand.  Over the years, many other missionary coworkers joined the ministry bringing their own expertise and vision into the mission. Together they engaged in community development, established literacy and literature production, launched leadership programs, started educational youth homes, partnered in deaf ministry, and created audio and video productions to develop the believers spiritually, physically, and mentally.

Over the years, more than 500 churches were established across four countries,
and thousands of national believers were trained to continue the work.

NBCM continues to evangelize among various tribal and local people groups throughout S.E. Asia. Many committed national preachers partner with us to evangelize, disciple and plant churches throughout the region. NBCM serves as a resource for Bible training centers in S.E. Asia. Multiple training courses and Bible Schools are conducted for church leaders and members across many ethnicities and languages.

NBCM uses a holistic approach 
to developing tribal communities through agriculture and infrastructure development. These include health and sanitation, water projects, education, and church planting together with relief and benevolent assistance.

Our literature department in Thailand translates, designs and prepares Bibles, hymnbooks, and other Christian materials to be printed and distributed to over a dozen people groups throughout Asia in their own languages.  Many remote villages now have access to media. We produce sermons, dramas, testimonies, and other Christian programs that are uploaded to social media and distributed throughout Asia. ​These productions are a vital mode of spreading the gospel. 

Music ministry is a key aspect of Christian outreach in churches, schools and local communities. This takes on many forms from Church worship teams and hymnbooks in tribal languages to Christian CD’s and music videos distributed throughout Asia.

Partnering with tribal villages, safe housing is run by local Christians during the school year. This allows children to retain their tribal identity within a family environment while receiving Christian values and a formal education in nearby government schools.

Making disciples by living out the commands of Jesus in the workplace. Equipping and encouraging them so that 
individuals and communities are transformed spiritually, economically and socially. With the goal of glorifying God and establishing His Kingdom.

The deaf people of Asia are a significant minority group who are misunderstood and ignored by most of society. Deaf churches that were started in Chiang Mai are now run by their own leaders. This ministry continues to reach out to other countries.

Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch

Pinehaven is a residential, year-round program aimed at providing a stable, controlled, secure environment in which young people can reach the potential that God has placed within them.  To meet the needs of our young people even better.

Pinehaven Christian School was started in 1984. What started in a basement with 12 students is now a dedicated facility capable of handling 100. Abortion is a terrible problem in our society; but rather than just talking about it, Pinehaven has a program designed to give young, unwed mothers an alternative at their Life House.
Pinehaven Christian Children’s Ranch and School, PO Box 940, St. Ignatius MT 59865
Dan Larsson, Head Wrangler (406) 546-9015     John Robine, Assistant Wrangler (406) 210-0634                                                   
September 14th, 2020, 86 degrees, 3:30 p.m.

Hello, Pinehaven Family!
...Students attend(ed) Kootenai Christian Camp.  It was a pretty much enjoyed camp as normal.  Deep Bible learning alongside a wilderness setting and fun games, make for a memorable week.  Almost all our students were able to attend a 2nd camp week of “outdoor skills.”  Make your own shelter, learn to survive if you end up in a situation where you need to stay warm, dry, or be found.  It is a great opportunity every time we are able to teach young people anything!  It builds character, self-esteem, and confidence.  In our country, our young people are lacking these traits in an alarming way.  Let’s reverse this trend!

For the first time since Covid hit, we are able to accept new students!  Check out the back of (this letter)... for information regarding the GAP Ministry program as well as the distanced learning opportunity that is opening doors as we speak.  We were able to hire a teacher in Illinois who has 16 students she is working with this school year.  The vision that keeps coming to mind for me is the number of teachers across the USA who are remote teachers for Pinehaven Christian School.  Our goal is to help these young ones before our society causes them to have troubles.

To our summer work groups who didn’t get to come this year…  You were sorely missed!  We look forward to when you bring a group the next time.  We were able to get just enough wood put up to get by this next winter and the hay barns are full.  But… it wasn’t near as much fun without you guys!  So, know that you are appreciated, loved, and anticipated!
We desperately need House Parent couples...Call if interested: 406-545-9015.  If not, pray the Lord is leading us in a new direction to help kids!
Dan Larsson 
Pinehaven Updates!

GAP Ministry Program

     Pinehaven is thrilled to share that we have launched our trial run of the GAP Ministry.  Students (arrived) September 10th to spend 10 weeks of spiritual formation while getting hands-on experience in many different skill sets.  Our goal is to help those who may not know what they want to do as an adult to make that transition in such a way as to benefit the Lord's work and their lives.  "How can I use my skills to benefit my church, mission work, and the kingdom?"
    Our work set schedule includes: cooking/food prep/food preservation; automotive repair, 1st responder training, a wilderness trip, woodworking, household upkeep & repair, welding, job application skills, mission work, butchering, and blacksmithing.  Pinehaven... is not charging for this course. Housing and food are provided, as well.  This course wraps up November 20.  Our goal is to offer two classes a year, fall and spring, for students who will be between high-school graduation and 20 years old.  We hope to accommodate 12-16 students per course.  Spread the word!

Pinehaven Christian School—Distanced Learning

    As of this fall, Pinehaven launched its 1st off-site Christian School opportunity.  While it is currently localized during our trial run, we hope to offer it to hundreds of students across the country in upcoming school years.  We currently have 17 students in Illinois and 2 in Montana.  The purpose is to offer a wholesome and Godly education for kids...  If this interests you, contact us next summer!  
    If this line of private Christian School is feasible, we will be looking to accept applications for teachers who will teach through our school from their homes during the next school year.  Due to the distanced learning computer necessity, it will require teachers who are computer savvy...

Pinehaven, like all entities, has its ups and downs.
     While we are excited about these new developments, it has been a year since 3 of our dear friends crashed their airplane in our field and preceded us all to our place in eternity.  We remember their lives and honor their life testimonies by carrying on as they would want us to do!  Please keep praying for their families, church, and us.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Edited by T. Peck

Polish Christian Ministries

Serving the people of Poland since 1954
Polish Christian Ministries
Polska Herald Newsletter  -  November 2020
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 "Turn Your ear to me, come quickly to my rescue; be my rock of refuge, a strong fortress to save me. Since You are my
rock and my fortress, for the sake of Your name, lead and guide me." Psalm 31:2-3

One of our pastors recently wrote in an email: "Czasy trudne, ale misja trwa." Paraphrased in English:  "The times are difficult, but the mission goes on." That seems to capsulize what's happening in Poland. Covid numbers are spiking and restrictions are increasing, but the work continues. This group from the church in Kutno served and shared the Gospel at the local senior center. Now more than ever is the time to proclaim the name of Jesus and the hope found in Him. On Liz Mentzer's last day with PCM, a few friends from both Poland and the States gathered on Zoom to thank her and Lois Harris for their many years of faithful service. Liz is retiring after serving PCM for seven years and Lois is semi-retiring after twenty-six years. What a delight to be reminded of all the good things God has done throughout the years and to show honor and gratitude to two of His steadfast servants.
ICOM 2020
In light of Covid-19 restrictions, PCM will be represented at the International Conference on Missions (ICOM) via their virtual exhibit hall. On Friday and Saturday, Nov. 20-21, we will be at our "virtual booth" with some of our Polish friends. We invite you to visit us via Zoom. We will be available during the following times:  
Fri: 9am-noon; 2-6:30pm; 8-9pm Sat: 9am-10:15; 12-6:30pm  Meeting ID: 312 534 8197.
Prior to the event we will let you know which hours each Polish guest will be with us. If you haven't already, we recommend you go to ICOM's website and register for ICOM 2020 ( We look forward to chatting with you and introducing you to some of our Polish partners. See you there!
After several months of online meetings and Zoom sessions, it was nice to visit in person with our friends at the Faith Church of Christ in Burlington, IN. They had invited eleven of the missions they support and we had the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the congregation at both services. We also interacted with several children as they rotated from booth to booth. We thank God for this church and their emphasis on sharing the Gospel both locally and around the world.
A little reminder…
New address for sending PCM donations:
Polish Christian Ministries
740 N. Shortridge Rd. #19094
Indianapolis, IN 46219-9403

We so appreciate each of our supporters who give faithfully to PCM's ministry. Several of you took note of our new mailing address and for that we are thankful. Just a gentle reminder to the rest of our friends that our address has changed. Please note the addition of the last four digits to the zip code. Again, thank you for your consistent support.  The pastors and ministry workers in Poland are grateful.
See you in Warsaw!  June 3-6, 2021

Unfortunately, due to the uncertainties surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, the Global Gathering has been pushed to 2022. HOWEVER, there are still plans for the 100-year celebration to take place in June 2021. We will keep you informed as to PCM's plans to participate. For more details and trip updates: Visit our website!
 $126,924.12 TO DATE
3 for 3 in 3
$300,000 for 3 projects in 3 years
Church buildings, scholarships, worship training center
One of the three projects funded by the "3 for 3 in 3" initiative is the construction or renovation of church buildings in Poland. The new addition in Plock is coming along well. When finished, it will nearly triple the size of the original building. Please join us in praying the project will stay on task and reach completion according to plan.

If your church is interested in having PCM connect with your congregation in person or via Zoom, please contact David at dave.hatfield777@gmail.comor call him at 810-923-0226.


WellSpring offers emergency and transitional housing for 23 families.

A family is considered as:
- Single parent with children,
- Married couple with children, or
- Married couple without children


WellSpring is a 14-unit transitional housing facility limited to a 24 month program. We have 8 one-bedroom, 5 two-bedroom and 1 three-bedroom apartments available. Families do pay a fixed monthly rent payment for their transitional housing stay. Rent is not income based and includes stove, refrigerator, utilities, and phone. Laundry facilities and an entertainment area are also provided at no cost.

Families are able to bring their furniture and belongings from storage into their apartment. If families do not have furniture or necessities, WellSpring will try to provide what we can to assist families.

Families continue with monthly Case Management. Programs also includes a housing plan for permanent housing.

Individual service plans are designed to allow families to choose and achieve their personal goals. We also offer education opportunities, budgeting, stress management classes, computer lab and access to our food pantry.